Toshimasa Yamazaki, Professor
  • ●Gene expression analysis using independent component analysis and Bayesian networks
  • ●BCIs using single-trial EEGs recorded during motor imagery and silent speech
Koichi Hirata, Professor
  • ●Data mining development
  • ●Evolutionary lineage analysis of the influenza virus and its application
Yoshihiro Yamanishi, Professor
  • ●Drug candidate compound screening by artificial intelligence technologies
  • ●Drug repositioning to identify new applicable diseases of drugs
Satoshi Fujii, Assistant Professor
  • ●Gene expression analysis
  • ●Medical data analysis

Systems Biology

Hiroyuki Kurata, Professor
  • ●CADLIVE for rationally designing biochemical networks within the cell
  • ●System analysis of anticancer drug resistance and development of a multidrug regimen
  • ●Pathway analysis of human metabolic networks
Katsuya Nagayama, Professor
  • ●Numerical analysis and visualization of the dynamics of cells, tissues, and organs (epidermis and pilar formation, a finger-tip blood vessel, and dental bone reproduction)
  • ●Analysis of cancer growth and angiogenesis
Shunsuke Aoki, Professor
  • ●Computer-aided drug design
  • ●Computational and experimental search for drug candidate compounds that bind to target receptor proteins
Takashi Nakakuki, Associate Professor
  • ●Control theory for molecular robotics
  • ●Mathematical modeling of intracellular signal transduction systems
Yu Matsuoka, Researcher
  • ●Dynamic model of metabolic networks


Takahiro Ito, Professor
  • ●Microneedles for percutaneous absorption using MEMS technology
  • ●A run capsule within the alimentary canal to achieve direct chemical administration from the alimentary canal
Kikuhisa Natsume, Professor
  • ●Nerve rhythm circuit analysis and its application to BCI development
Hyoungseop Kim, Professor
  • ●Multimodal image-registration method for surgical simulation
  • ●Temporal subtraction method for thoracic multidetector computed tomography imaging
  • ●Computer-aided diagnosis system for detection of lung nodules
  • ●Three-dimensional visualization method for dental CT imaging
Takeshi Saitoh, Associate Professor
  • ●Visual-only speech recognition (lip-reading)
  • ●Vision-based communication support system
Kenji Sakamoto, Associate Professor
  • ●Application of biochips to medicine
Tomohiro Hikima, Associate Professor
  • ●Drug delivery system
  • ●Transdermal therapeutic system