Iizuka City (e-ZUKA)

Iizuka is the core city of Chikuhou, located in North Kyushu, and is considered to be the rice-growing birthplace of Japan. It has many ancient mound tombs, including the Otsuka ornamental tumulus building (a national special historic site), and the Tateiwa remains a production site of stone knives for collecting ears of rice. Iizuka was the most prosperous town on the Nagasaki Road during the 17–19th centuries. In the 20th century, the Chikuhou coalfield was the largest in Japan, and promoted industrial development. At present, Iizuka has accomplished a change as a school and intelligent city, called e-ZUKA, where the School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering of Kyutech, the Faculty of Human-Oriented Science and Technology of Kinki University, the Kyushu Junior College of Kinki University, the Center of Iizuka Research and Development, and the Iizuka Research Parks were all established. Iizuka City aims to become “e-ZUKA Try Valley,” that is to say, the Asian Silicon Valley. In addition, Iizuka has many famous sightseeing locations, such as the Ito residence, the Kaho theatre, and the Igawa hot springs.